French Exchange 2012

Fourth Year French Exchange
For the sixth consecutive year, a group of 35 fourth year students will be heading off to Eu in Normandie to spend a week with their French correspondents from March 24th to 31st. The students are in the process of writing their first letters and planning the trip. The French group will make the return journey to Dublin in April.
Activities during the week will include visits to the school to experience how another educational system operates, singing , dancing, sports, a treasure hunt through the town of Eu, shopping, visits to nearby sites of historical and/or cultural interest etc. Throughout the stay, pupils are encouraged to improve their command of the language by speaking to their partner as much as possible in French.

This exchange has proved to both very enjoyable and worthwhile in the past, with several pupils continuing to communicate with their French partners after the trip and, in some cases, arranging further visits the following summer. With 45% of marks in the Leaving Cert being assigned to oral/aural skills, these trips can be of great benefit to the pupils.