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'Le petit déjeuner'(French Breakfast) for 1st years (2017)

Organisé pour la semaine de langues, le petit déjeuner des 1st years a été super amusant et un grand succès cette année, avec un tas de costumes merveilleux. Bon appétit! 
Organised for Languages Week, the 1st year French breakfast was great fun and a big success this year; with lots of lovely costumes on display. Not a cliché in sight?!
Many more photos to be seen of this event in Gallery section of website.
Winners of the dress-up competition were  L-R Olly Jones (1U), Ben Mahon (1d), Lia McKeon (1B), Emily Lynch (1U), Ella Rose Carbery (1D), Christopher McLoughlin (1L), Kim Woolfson (1U) and Sophie-Lee Gannon (1D).
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