1.  The Library is run by Gráinne Balbirnie and Liz O’ Connor.

There are also approximately 11 parent volunteers who each come in for
1 morning a week.  Normally there are two volunteers per morning.

2.  The Library is primarily a place to study.  We provide a quiet
environment for pupils.

3.  The Library opening hours are approximately 9.30 a.m. to 2.25 p.m.
These times may vary in accordance with  other  Gráinne and Liz’s other

4.  The main function of the Library is to support the curriculum.  We
have resources (over 10,000 at last stocktake) for all subjects and
our priority is to provide assistance to pupils who are studying.

5.  We provide help with project work.  Students come in to the
library and enquire about books, newspaper articles, photographs etc.,
relating to their course work/projects and we assist them in locating
these resources.

6.  We are open during little break and lunch.  Some students (mainly
1st and 2nd years) use the Library when the find the corridors and
canteen overwhelming.  We provide chess sets (and draughts), magazines
and newspapers and there is access to a computer.  We find that many a
friendship has been forged among the quieter children.

7.  There is a Craft Club in the Library on Thursdays at lunch time.
This is co-ordinated by Susan Loftus and Belinda Moller and a number
of parent volunteers who have skills in craft work – knitting,
crochet, felt making etc. – help out.