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Names and year of S.E.N coordinators:
1st year  – Allyson Prizeman
2nd year – Jennifer Lenihan
3rd year  – Dara Belledent
4th year  – Aoife Curran
5th year  – Heather Davison
6th year  – Frances Hutchinson


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Materials Technology (Wood)

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Introduction to new JC  Metalwork and course outline 

Metalwork 1st Year Scheme of Work (Click here for PDF)



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Junior Cert Learning Objectives Science (Click here for PDF)

Junior Certificate Science (Revised Syllabus) 2012

There are three parts to the examination:-

Coursework A = 10%

Coursework B = 25%

Terminal Examination = 65%

Coursework A:-  Students must complete 30 mandatory activities as specified in the syllabus. Each student has their own laboratory copy with a written report of each activity. These have been kept in the labs under the supervision of the teachers throughout the three years of the Junior Certificate course.This must be available in the school for inspection. Students sign off on those activities they have completed by Friday April 27th.

Coursework B:-  Each student undertakes two prescribed  investigations based on topics in the syllabus.  The investigations will be carried out and reports written up in class time between February 20th and March 30th.  Report booklets to be signed off  by Friday April  27th. Research and preparation may be done at home but must be the student’s own work. Most materials for the investigations this year should be  available in the science laboratories but it may be necessary for students to supply some materials themselves..

Terminal examination:- this will consist of a written paper on Thursday June 14th 2012 (9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.) which will cover the three areas of Biology Chemistry and Physics and which may be taken at Ordinary or Higher level.

It is imperative that all students are present in Science class every day between February 20th  and March 30th to complete the investigations