Rules of the Parents Association

 Mount Temple Parents’ Association Constitution

Dated 17 October 2013

1. Name

This body shall be known as the Mount Temple Comprehensive School Parents’

Association (the Association).

2. Membership

All parents or legal guardians of students enrolled in the school shall automatically

be members of the Association, unless they notify the secretary of the Association

in writing that they do not wish to be members. In the constitution, parents refers to

both parents and guardians.

3. Objectives

3.1The objectives of the Association shall be:

a. to promote the educational and general welfare and social interests of the pupils

of the school

b. to promote good relations, communication, understanding and co-operation

between parents, teachers, students and the school authorities

c. to encourage parents to take an active interest in the school

d. to support and promote the ethos of the school

e. to promote and support the role of parents and guardians as the prime carers of

their children

f. to provide opportunities for discussion, information and consultation about matters

of common or topical interest to parents, teachers and pupils of the school

g. to inform and consult parents about the Association’s plans and activities

h. to inform, consult and promote debate amongst parents on education issues

i. to represent the views of parents on school policies and activities

3.2 In furtherance of the objectives, the committee may affiliate the Association

to appropriate national parents’ bodies such as PACCS (Parents’ Associations of

Community and Comprehensive Schools) and COMPASS.

4. Committee

4.1 The ordinary business of the Association shall be administered by a committee of

at least 12 and not more than 30 members of the Association.

4.2 Election of committee members shall take place at the annual general meeting


4.3 Committee members shall each be elected to serve for up to three years. Any

member retiring from the committee and still eligible may seek election for a further

three years. Following a consecutive second term, the committee member must

step down for a minimum of one year.

4.4 No member is eligible to continue on the committee when they have no child

enrolled in the school.

4.5 Vacancies on the committee shall be filled by election at the AGM. New

members can be co-opted to the committee during the year, but co-opted members

shall retire at the next AGM and, if eligible, may seek election to the committee.

4.6 The committee shall aim to have adequate representation from each school year

and from other groups as identified by the committee. The committee shall also aim

for a gender balanced committee.

4.7 A committee meeting shall take place immediately after the AGM with the sole

purpose of setting the date for the next committee meeting.

4.8 At the next committee meeting, which shall take place within 3 weeks of the

AGM, the committee shall elect its officers, including chair, vice-chair, secretary,

Public Relations Officer (PRO) and treasurer where a vacancy exists. At this

meeting, the dates of the committee meetings for the academic year shall be agreed.

4.9 If an officer vacancy arises during the year, the committee shall elect a

replacement at one of the next two committee meetings.

4.10 The tenure of the officers shall be two years, at which time they may offer

themselves for re-election for one further term. Following a consecutive second term,

the officer must step down from all office for a minimum of one year.

4.11 The committee may remove an officer at a committee meeting, having given

two weeks written notice of a motion to be proposed at a meeting to that effect.

To be valid, the motion must be proposed by a minimum of seven members of the

committee. The committee may elect a committee member to fill any officer vacancy,

however caused, provided that the replacement is eligible.

4.12 The Principal and two delegates from the teaching staff shall be invited to

attend each meeting, but they shall not be entitled to vote.

4.13 The committee shall meet monthly during the academic year. The quorum for

committee meetings shall be seven committee members, with at least two officers,

Where the chair or vice chair are unavailable, prior to the start of the meeting,

consent to hold the meeting shall be sought from the chair or vice chair. Consent

cannot be withheld without good reason. In the absence of both the chair and vice

chair, the committee shall elect one of its members to chair the meeting. Similarly,

in the absence of secretary, the committee shall elect one of its members to be

secretary for the meeting.

4.14 The committee may invite to general meetings or to committee meetings such

people as it decides. Guests may not vote at general or committee meetings and the

committee may ask guests to leave during committee or Association business.

4.15 Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the secretary, who shall circulate the

minutes and the notice of the next meeting seven days prior to the next meeting and

then present the minutes to the committee for approval at that next meeting.

4.16 The committee may establish sub-committees to assist it from time to time.

Sub-committees shall consist of at least one committee member and may, with the

committee’s consent, include non-members of the Association. Sub-committees

shall report to the committee. The committee may at its sole discretion dissolve a


4.17 Decisions of the committee shall be decided by a simple majority of all

members voting following a full and frank discussion. In the event of a tied vote, the

chair has a second and casting vote.

4.18 Seven days prior to each meeting, a draft agenda shall be circulated by the

chair or if the chair is unavailable, the vice chair or secretary, with amendments or

additions to be notified and circulated not later than 2 days prior to the meeting. The

agenda shall set out clearly items to be covered at the meeting, including the chair’s,

principal’s and treasurer’s reports and other specified items.

4.19 Where an officer is temporarily unable to perform their duties, the committee

shall, at a committee meeting, elect another committee member to temporarily

perform those duties until such time as the incumbent officer is able to perform their

duties, however the acting officer and the incumbent officer shall be subject to the

normal limitations of tenure of officers as set out above.

5. General Meetings

5.1 The annual general meeting shall be held during the first two months of the

academic year.

5.2 The committee shall call an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) when it deems

it desirable, on a majority decision, or when a written request to call an EGM is

received by an officer of the committee, signed by at least 50 parents and stating the

purpose of the proposed meeting. The secretary shall, within one month of receiving

such a request, summon the meeting, stating its purpose.

5.3 EGMs, as for AGMs, shall be held during term time, to allow as many members

as possible to attend.

5.4 Notice to parents shall be given fourteen days in advance of all general


5.5 General meetings shall be chaired by the chair or, in the chair’s absence, by the

vice-chair. In the absence of both, the committee shall elect one of its members to

chair the meeting.

5.6 The quorum for general meetings shall be at least 50 members, including at least

one officer (from chair, vice-chair, secretary, PRO, treasurer and any other named

officer) and three other committee members. At least one officer shall be required to

attend a properly convened general meeting. Matters arising at general meetings will

be decided by majority vote, unless otherwise stated in this constitution.

5.7 Amendments to the constitution may be made at a general meeting, provided

the amendments are notified to parents at least 14 days before the meeting and are

passed by a two-thirds majority at that meeting.

5.8 The business of the AGM shall include:

a. Noting attendance and apologies

b. Agree minutes of previous AGM

c. Chair’s report

d. Treasurer’s report

e. Election of committee members

f. Election of honorary auditor

g. Principal’s remarks

h. Other matters notified to the secretary prior to the AGM

6. Notices

6.1All notices and communications from the Association may be posted, hand-
delivered, transmitted electronically or given to a member’s child. Any such notice

shall be deemed to be duly delivered.

7. Finances

7.1 The financial year of the Association shall end on 31 August unless otherwise

agreed by a majority of the committee at a committee meeting.

7.2 The treasurer shall keep correct accounts and books showing the financial

affairs, receipts and disbursements of the Association.

7.3 Transfers between bank accounts of the Association and monies withdrawn from

the Association’s bank accounts shall require the signed authorisation of any two

of the following: the chair, the treasurer, the secretary and three other signatories

appointed by the committee.

7.4 The annual accounts shall be audited by the honorary auditor and shall be

available to members at the AGM and to members from the treasurer on request.

8. Parents’ Nominees to the Board of Management

8.1 The Association shall, at the request of the Board of Management (the

Board), nominate two representatives, one female and one male, to the Board of

Management. All Parents of children enrolled in the school at the time are eligible for

nomination and are entitled to vote should an election be required whether they are

members of the Parents’ Association or not.

8.2 Notice for nominations shall be given at least 28 days before the due date for

receipt of nominations and consents to be nominated. If, following closing of receipt

of nominations, an election is required, notice of election shall be given to parents 14

days in advance of the date of the election.

8.3 If either post has more than one Nominee, a postal ballot of all parents shall be

held for that post and the ballot shall be decided by the highest vote. In the event of

a tie, the chair shall have a casting vote.

8.4 Parents’ Nominees shall serve for the term of the board to which they are

appointed. Vacancies for parent Nominees during the term of the Board shall be

filled in accordance with the procedures detailed in paragraphs 8.1to 8.3 above.

8.5 Notwithstanding clause 2 and clause 4 above, Parents’ Nominees shall

automatically be members of the committee but shall not be officers.

9. Official Statements, Representations and Functions

9.1 No member of the Association, other than the chair, PRO or a member

nominated by either the chair, PRO or the committee, shall make any official or

public statement or representation on behalf of the Association.

9.2 The Association shall not involve itself in the day-to-day running of the school or

any contractual arrangements between the school authorities and the staff.

9.3 The Association recognises that matters concerning the school curriculum and its

implementation are the function of the school authorities.

9.4 The Association shall not deal with complaints against members of the school

staff or the Principal.

10. Winding Up of the Association

10.1 Winding up of the Association shall only be valid if accepted at a general

meeting convened for this purpose.

10.2 In the event of the winding up of the Association, any assets on hand shall be

presented to the Board of Management for school purposes.