Sports Council


The Sports Council Founded 1994

The Sports Council is a voluntary committee consisting of the principal, members of staff and coaches, parents and students. This year we have 22 members and we meet approximately 10 times a year. This year the Secretary of the Sports Council is Declan Mullins and the Chairperson is Debbie Doak.The main aim of the committee is to support and encourage the extremely important role of sport in the school.

Sport is an important aspect of extra-curricular activity in Mount Temple. The Sports Council asks parents to encourage their children to participate fully in school sports. Besides the obvious benefits that come from being physically active, involvement in school sports can make a valuable contribution towards children’s personal development as they gain self-confidence through learning new skills and also learn to understand the importance of team spirit, sportsmanship, self-discipline and leadership.

Sport is one of the chief ways of developing and maintaining relationships with other schools. Representing their school through sport helps students to develop a sense of identity with their school and also to develop a strong bond of friendship with their fellow team players.


Sports on offer in Mount Temple:


Girls:  Hockey, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Athletics and Cricket

Boys:  Rugby, Hockey, Badminton, Soccer, Athletics and Cricket



The role of Mount Temple Sports Council:

To promote Sport within Mount Temple

To raise funds to invest in sports facilities and equipment

To oversee and review the maintenance and use of facilities

To plan for the future development of the school’s sports infrastructure

To support and arrange appropriate training for coaching staff

To raise awareness of sport through regular reports on the school website

To celebrate students’ achievements and involvement in sport through

the Council’s annual Sports Awards



A large focus is on fundraising and our main fundraisers have been the voluntary contribution and Activity week Walk and a day of bag packing. We would like to thank Nolan’s supermarket for their ongoing generous support.

The fund raising means the amount requested for the voluntary contribution remains at €100 per family of pupils participating in after school sports. These funds are vital in order to help us support the current after school sports programme and continue to develop sport within the school environment. Without these fundraisers, we would be unable to provide for all the coaching, transport and equipment that is needed for the enhancement of sport in Mount Temple.

Ongoing initiatives:

We have also been working with the sports staff and students to organise team sports clothing that can be worn at matches. This is along side the Sports clothing line that is for use during school sports.

The Sports Awards:

Over the year, we have had continued success with hockey, rugby and basketball, cricket and athletics. The annual Sports Awards are one of the sporting highlights of the year for students, staff and parents. This is an opportunity to reward dedication, skill and sporting talent among the pupils throughout all the teams.


Mount Temple First Year Summer Camp

This very successful camp is run for two weeks in mid-August when Mount Temple’s sports teachers, coaches, senior and past pupils return early from their summer holidays to host a special sports camp for incoming First Years. The camp has proven to be a popular and fun way for children to get to know other pupils in their new school and to make new friendships before they enter “Big School”.


Role of Parents:

We would like to thank the parents for their ongoing support both financially and of their time through supporting the games and helping out with transport. We look forward to continuing to work together as a school community supporting sport in Mount Temple

We are always keen to welcome new members onto the committee. The AGM will be held on 17th September in the library and members are elected onto the committee at this meeting. Should you wish to make contact with the committee, this can be done through the school office.