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TY YOUth Summit Trip article by Rachael Neale

When we arrived at the Aviva stadium we were given badges with different SDGs on them which represented the group we would be put in. We were told to write our names on the badges. There were free rulers, pens, posters and information leaflets being given out. We were then brought into a room. There was a pathway of the sustainable development goals explaining what each one is. There were lots of opportunities to get your picture taken with cardboard cutouts. Sarah Moore and I were asked to get in a group photo with 4 students from other schools. There was a goal with the sustainable development goals in it which I thought was a clever idea. There were football gloves and a ball which you could use and get your photo taken in the goal. We were then brought to listen to speakers. One of the talks that really stood out for me was the one by Deborah. She spoke about her personal experience of being homeless and how she didn’t choose to become homeless. I learned that there are thousands of children homeless in Ireland. This talk really inspired me to want to take action and help. At lunch time we got free pizza and hot drinks. After the talks we had discussions about how we could help and what we want to change in the world. We then wrote down on a sheet of paper what we wanted to change in the world. We had a competition to see who could build the highest tower using the sheets we had written on and stickers. Lastly we wrote a letter to the department of education asking for changes that we thought would benefit us. It was an an enjoyable day and I learned a lot throughout the day.

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