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Drumcondra Education Centre/ Courses for Parents/Guardians

Drumcondra Education Centre

‘Let’s talk about Relationships,Sexuality & Our Young People’

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Exploring the Issues with Parents

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Parents Association AGM Wednesday 21 Oct at 7.15 pm, school library.

Parents Association AGM Wednesday 21 Oct at 7.15 pm, school library.
1 Noting attendance and apologies
2 Minutes of previous AGM
3 Chair’s report
4 Treasurer’s report
5 Secretary’s report (confirming eligibility and availability of outgoing committee members)
6 Proposed amendments (in bold and underlined) to the PA’s constitution
  • 4.1 The ordinary business of the Association shall be administered by a committee of at least 12 and not more than 20 members of the Association
  • 5.6 The quorum for general meetings shall be at least 30 members, including at least on officer (from chair, vice-chair, secretary, PRO, treasurer and any other named officer) and three other committee members. […]
  • 5.8 The business of the AGM shall include: Secretary’s report
7 Election of committee members
8 Election of honorary auditor
9 Principal’s remarks
10 Other matters notified to the secretary prior to the AGM and questions
Meeting followed at approximately 8 pm by workshop for parents on internet safety and cyberbullying “Don’t be mean behind your screen” led by Paula O’Connor
Chair and secretary can be contacted by emailing: .


The following are the activities for German Students ;
1st year
1l German Breakfast Period 2 on Monday 28th September.
1i German Breakfast Period 2 on Thursday 1st October.
2nd year    – Poster competition.
3rd year     – Quiz on Monday  28th Sept. in the Library . Periods 6 and 7
4th year      – Film  on Friday 2nd October . Periods 4 ,5, and 6.
5th year       – Film  on Tuesday 29th Sept. Periods 7,8, and 9.

These are the proposed activities for the French students:

Tuesday:  French Theatre for Schools – 2nd year play. Periods 2&3

                                                                    5th year play, Periods 4&5


3rd year French Quiz in library, Periods 8&9.


1st year French breakfast in costume, in canteen. Period 1 and possibly a little of 2


TY film screening Intouchables, Periods 7, 8 & 9 in hall.

2nd year: Poster competition


Project Partnership Theatre Trips: Tiger Fringe and Dublin Theatre Festival.

In association with Project Arts Centre and the support of the Parents’ Association, Mount Temple students will have the great opportunity to see these plays at a greatly reduced price of 5 Euro. Please see TY noticeboard or Ms. Doak for more details.

The upcoming plays are:

Tiger Dublin Fringe

Tuesday 8 September 6.30pm.
Thursday 10 September 7.00pm.
Monday 14 September 7.15pm.
Dublin Theatre Festival

I’m Your Man
Thursday 24 September 7.30pm.


Friday 25 September 4.45pm.

Luck Just Kissed You Hello

Tuesday 29 September 7.45pm.

Corps Diplomatique

Thursday 1 October 7.30pm.

The Game

Wednesday 7 October 7.45pm .

The Train

Tuesday 13 October (run on) 8 pm.

For more information on the plays please visit the Project Arts Centre website at:


Facebook / Twitter

Diversity Week 27th May – 1st May

The TY Development Education class have organised the inaugural Diversity Week, commencing on Monday 27th.
This will comprise of
– An awareness campaign about Diversity through posters and announcements
– A range of cuisines from different cultures which will be on sale at lunchtime every day
– Sports from different cultures during lunchtimes


The 1st Mount Temple Diversity Day took place on 29 April 2015 and there were talks by guest speakers from Northern Ireland, the Traveller,  the Muslim community, the African community, the LGBT community, and Paddy Armstrong (of the ‘Guilford Four’). (More photos in the Gallery section of the website).image_5

‘Make Your Play’, the staff play, is coming your way!

‘Make Your Play’, the staff play, is coming your way!

It’s a comedy set in a wild west saloon and features bad men, a terrifying gunfight, dreadful puns, twangy accents, grizzly chins – and some romance too!

                       Fiona ‘Old Timer’ McHardy
                       Judy ‘Harridan’ Purdy
                       Rory ‘Barman’ Buckley
                        Dave ‘Badman’ Frew
                       Dara ‘Sidekick’ Belledent
                       Joanne ‘Sidekick’ Tyrrell
                       Tom ‘Lawman’ Beatty
                        Derek ‘Sheriff’ McNelis
                       Claire ‘Saloon Girl’ O’Connor
It’ll be performed in the Mount Temple hall a couple of lunchtimes in the week starting May 11.
See y’awl there, pardners!

Malahide Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Ireland. Email: | Telephone: +353-1-833-6984