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Mock Exams Timetable: Updated


Mon.7th 8.45-11.45 H.Ecc. 2.5hrs. – Mt. Hall

Accountancy, 3hrs. Mt. Hall

-D.C.G. 3hrs. DCG room

-MUSIC. – 3hrs. M1.

Construction studies. 2.5hrs. -Mt. Hall.

1.15- 4.15. Biology -Mt. Hall. 1.15-4.15 R.E 2hrs. – Mt. Hall.

Tech. Gr. (3hrs) TG room

Tue.8th 8.45-11.35. English P.1. – Gym 8.45-11.15 French- Mt. Hall

German – Library

Aural first.

1.15- 4.15 1.15-3.45 History – Gym

Higher 2.5hrs

Ord. 1.5hrs.

Wed.9th 8.45-11.15 Maths. P1. -Gym 8.45-11.15 English P1 -Gym
1.15- 4.35 English. P2.- Gym

3hrs 20mins.

1.15-3.15 Gaeilge P1 – Mt. Hall and Library.

Aural first.

Thurs.10 8.45-11.45 Business – Physics – Chemistry-Engineering –All Gym 8.45-10.45. Science -Gym
1.15- 4.45 Gaeilge P1

Paper – 2hrs 50 mins Library and Mt. Hall.

Aural. 4.15 – 4.45 –

1.15-3.45 Maths P1 – Gym

Higher 2.5hrs

Ord. 2.hrs.

Fri.11th 8.45-11.45 8.45-11.15 Gaeilge P2.. – Gym

Higher level only. 90mins.

1.15- 4.15 French – German – Library and

Mt. Hall

Paper 2,5hrs. Aural 3.45- 4.15.

L..C.V.P. 2.5hrs. – M1.

1.15-3.15 Geography. – Gym
Mon.,14th 8.45-11.15 Applied Maths

Economics – Both Gym

8.45-11.15 Maths P2 – Gym

Higher 2.5hrs

Ord. 2hrs.

1.15- 4.15 Gaeilge P2 – Gym

Higher 3.20mins

Ord. 2hrs. 20mins.

1.15-3.45 Business Gym
Tue.15th 8.45-11.15 Maths P.2 – Gym 8.45-11.15 English P2 – Gym

Higher level only.

1.15- 3.45 Art – Gym 1.15-3.15 Metalwork – Gym

Higher 2hrs. Ord 1.5hrs.

Wed.16th 8.45-11.45 Geography. – Gym 8.45-10.15.

10.45- 1.15.

C.S.P.E. (90mins) -Gym

Home Economics -Mt. Hall.

Higher 2.5hrs.

Ord. 2hrs.

Thurs.17th 8.45-11.35 History – Gym. 8.45-10.45 Music –Mt. Hall.

Woodwork. –Gym.

1.15- 4.15 Japanese Mt. Hall. 1.15-3.45 Art practical. E.B.
Frid.18th 8.45-11.15 R.E. Mt Hall 8.45- 10.45


Art practical. J.K.

Art practical. J.K.

Second Year Geography – Ms Curran

Good Morning Form Class, I hope you are all well and warm.  We have just completed the topic of the Restless Atmosphere and are going to move on to the study of different regions.  In the meantime, please can you look at the DVD An Inconvenient Truth on the causes, effects and possible solutions of Global Warming.  There are also many sites where you can calculate your carbon footprint. Remember to keep watching the weather forecasts and use to keep up to date on these exceptional weather conditions.

First Year Geography – Ms Curran

Good Morning First Years

Please do not forget you can log on to Edco Digital and view your New Geo Book from home.  We would be learning about Waterfalls which are a feature of River erosion.  Remember SAHA – Solution, Attrition, Hydraulic Action and Abrasion.  Here are some animations where you can view to see how Waterfalls are formed.  Google waterfall formation and you will find lots of information on line.

Fifth Year Geography – Ms Curran

Good Morning Fifth Year Geography Students. We are missing our double class this morning. Please can you use the time to practice drawing freehand maps of Ireland marking in the county of Dublin. Draw in the M50, the Dublin Mountains, River Liffey and the City of Dublin. You can find one on the internet if you do not have your text books at home. Today I was planning to cover Secondary Economic Acticities and Tertiary Economic Activities. If you have your text books and notes use these – Read through the notes and the books. At the end of the work you should be able to write an essay – Discuss the development of secondary manufacturing industries in the Dublin Region. (30m – 15 SRP’s) and Discuss the development of tertiary industries in the Dublin Region. (30m – 15 SRP’s). If you do not have your books with you, use the internet to research manufacturing companies in the Dublin Region eg. Wyeth, Guinness etc see where they are located, when they started, how many they employ and what they make. Investigate Tourism and Transport, two T’s of Tertiary industries. You can email me at if you have any queries.

Third Year Geography – Ms Curran

Good Morning Third Year Geography Students. I gave you worksheets and revision sheets yesterday for your physical geography and primary economic activity topics. Please make a start on these this morning at home whilst you have the opportunity

Malahide Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Ireland. Email: | Telephone: +353-1-833-6984