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TY Work Experience

Click on the links below for information and forms relating to Work Experience:

Student introduction to Work Experience

Work Exp Info for employers

Job Description form and outside dates form

Cover Letter



Below is the information on Work Experience:

Information for Students

  • Work Experience Co-ordinator: Paula Doyle
  • On average each student will complete FOUR weeks of work experience.
  • Students may organise two different work placements for one week each or attend same placement for two weeks.
  • Students are not permitted to use part time jobs for work experience purposes and do not receive payment for work done.
  • Insurance is in place and covers most placements.
  • PREPARATION is the key. Students who apply early get the best jobs and have in general more noteworthy experiences. Those who leave it until the last minute are very often disappointed and often report negative experiences as a result of their poor organisation. Details of placements will be required by the school online by mid September for Nov placement and Jan for Feb placement .
  • Some students may find that they will be offered work placements outside of dates above. We would encourage acceptance of these offers BUT students need to be aware that they still need to secure placements for the four weeks mentioned also.
  • If dates are outside of those stated above a request form needs to be given to Ms Doyle to ensure relevant insurance is in place.
  • Any problems or queries please contact Ms Doyle on (086)0474714.

How to get started

  • Start thinking NOW about what type of jobs you are interested in.
  • Talk to family, teachers for advice. (It is not your parents or teachers job to find you a job-we are here to help.)
  • Speak to this year’s fourth years and ask them what work placements they most enjoyed and also what they did not enjoy.
  • Apply for jobs that are linked to your hobbies or subjects you like.
  • Consider jobs from many diverse (different) areas, as very often a placement you might never have considered as a career can end up the one you most excelled in and go on to pursue.

Where will I find some contacts?

  • Yellow pages /Newspapers
  • Family contacts
  • Last year’s forth years

How do I apply for work experience?

  • Contact the employer either in person, email or phone-this may take 2 or 3 attempts but do persist.
  • Have dates of work experience at hand,a pen and paper.
  • If calling to places have copy of letter of application and CV with you to leave with employer.(Samples of these attached)
  • Always ask the name of person to whom you are speaking and keep a record of the name in case you need to make further contact with them.

You made need to call back, email, phone several times as they may be busy.


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