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Learning Support

SEN Coordinator :
Joanne Tyrrell The Learning Support Group is:

  • Parents working together to support educational needs
  • Open to all parents, guardians and teachers, it is not confined to parents and guardians of students in resource.
  • Not a complaints forum , the group takes a positive approach
  • Working together, learning from each other, learning through talk
  • Aiming to make information for students with special education needs more readily available to parents
  • Identifying issues and discussing them amongst ourselves and getting outsiders guidance
  • Offering an opportunity to benefit from other parents’ experiences
  • Offering an opportunity to raise concerns in a positive manner, to identify issues and to seek outside guidance from, for example, the Resource Teacher, Year Head, Principal or outside proffessional.
  • Confidential and sensitive in its approach and all references to individual students or teachers will be kept minimal
  • A Group that will identify issues that impact on our children’s education and will lobby for change where we believe change is needed

Click here for SEN policy:

SEN Policy (Final Version) Issue 1 Jan 2016

Malahide Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Ireland. Email: | Telephone: +353-1-833-6984

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