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Board of Management

The Board of Management

The Board of Management of Mount Temple is the body that manages the school on behalf of the Patron and for the benefit of the students. It does so in accordance with ministerial policy, in line with the Education Act. It upholds the characteristic spirit of Mount Temple.

The Board of Management consists of persons appointed by the Patron. The Board of Management includes 2 parent nominees, and 2 teacher nominees, along with 5 nominees of the Patron, and the City of Dublin VEC.
The Patron of the school is the Archbishop of Dublin (Church of Ireland).  The Principal of the school acts as Secretary to the Board of Management.
The current members of the BOM are:
Rev. Dr. Anne Lodge                  Chairperson
Rev. Lorraine Ritchie            Patron’s Nominee
Rev. Lesley Robinson               ”             “
Mr. Ross Hattaway                   ”             “
Mr. Alan Foy                             ”             “
Mr. David Gardner                    ”             “
Canon Robert Deane.         Patrons Honorary advisor 
Mr. E. Bunting                       Teacher’s Nominee
Ms. Laura Doak                    Teacher’s Nominee
Dr David Cotter                     Parent’s Nominee
Ms. Barbara Moran                    ”           “
Ms. Ann O’Reilly                  ETB

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