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Dress Code

The Mount Temple Dress Code
Pupils in Mount Temple do not wear a school uniform. We encourage diversity and self-expression however, a dress code is part of the personal education of pupils here. Pupils are encouraged to become aware themselves of what is, and what is not, acceptable in terms of what they wear in the school environment. In order to facilitate this learning pupils and their parents/guardians are given guidelines known as the Dress Code to help them make the right choices in terms of their school clothes and to realise that some forms of clothing are not appropriate for school.
Basically clothes worn to school must be clean, in good order, modest and appropriate for daily school life. There must be no offensive slogans or pictures. Underwear should never be seen.

  • Tracksuits should be kept for PE classes and sports and never be worn in the normal classroom setting.
  • Shorts, if worn in the warmer weather, must be of knee-length.
  • Leggings, jeggings and very tight skinny-type jeans must always be worn with a long top over them. These tops should be of fingertip length.
  • Skirts and dresses should be of a moderate length and suitable for school rather than a night out.
  • Boys’ trousers must not be worn low below the hips displaying their underwear.
  • Torn jeans, tights or other torn clothing must not be worn.
  • Vest tops displaying underwear must not be worn.
  • Low-cut tops and tops that expose the midriff are not allowed as part of the dress code.
  • Hoods and other headgear should not be covering the head indoors.


  • Jewellery should be appropriate to daily school life. Earrings that are very long are a health and safety issue in practical classes and on crowded corridors and should not be worn.
  • Visible body piercings, other than reasonably- sized earrings are not permitted. These include eyebrow, lip, neck and nose piercings.

Hair Styles

  • Hair should always be clean
  • Hair should not be extreme in terms of colour or style.  Again moderation is the key.
  • A pupils’ eyes should not be covered by a hair style.

While make-up is allowed in school it should be applied in moderation.
Pupils may be challenged in terms of dress code violations by the teaching staff. Repeated failure of a pupil to comply with the dress code will mean that an entry against their name into the school’s Eportal System will be made by the Dean of Discipline. The pupil may then be sent home to change their clothing following prior notification to parents/guardians.
Please note that this code applies to pupils attending school-related activities.

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