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Mobile Phones


Mobile Phones & Learning

Mobile phones have become a powerful source of communication and learning. While restrictions to their use must apply in a variety of circumstances – meetings, classrooms, etc.; nonetheless, in Mount Temple we recognise that mobile phones can enhance learning, and can be used to powerful positive effect.

Use of Mobile Phones in Mount Temple

Teachers may encourage the appropriate use of mobile phones in pursuit of learning, in classrooms and other learning settings within the school.

Restriction on Use of Mobile Phones


  • Where students bring a mobile phone to school, the phone must be switched off during class times, unless otherwise directed by teachers. The phone may be used during breaks (10.45 – 11.05 and 1.05 to 1.45). Parents should not contact their son/daughter directly, except at these times (Contact during class time should only be made via the school office).

  • If a phone simply goes off in class and it is a first time, then the phone is confiscated until the end of the school day. If it happens again, it will be confiscated for 24 hours.

  • If a student is using a phone without permission in class, for any reason, the phone will be confiscated for a period of 48 hours. Should this happen a second time, the phone will be confiscated for a week.

  • No photographs or recording either video or audio can be made on the phone on the school premises without the schools permission. Using phone in such a way can seriously infringe on people’s privacy and rights.

  • Incidents where students use a mobile phone to bully others by sending offensive messages or calls will be investigated under the Anti-Bullying policy by the school. It should be noted that it is a criminal offence to us a mobile phone to menace, harass or offend another person.

The school accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damages mobile phones. The safety and security of mobile phones is wholly a matter for students/parents.

Reviewed January 2013                                                                                  For review January 2015


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