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School Trips

Mount Temple School Trips Policy

  1. Introduction

It is school policy to organise outings for the benefit of students when this is deemed appropriate by the teaching staff, in consultation with the Deputy Principals and Principal. Mount Temple recognises the benefits of outings to complement normal school work, for educational or sporting purposes. Some trips are organised as part of the course to be followed in a subject area. Other outings and trips are additional to the curriculum. The lengths of trips may vary from a short local visit to a longer trip involving staying away for several days. School trips, outings and tours are a privilege reserved for students who meet the standards of behaviour while at school. Students who do not meet the standards of behaviour, as decided by the Year Head, Deputy Principals or Principal, may be refused permission to participate in a school outing. They reserve the right to disallow a student from participation in a school trip if, in their opinion, the health or safety of the student or other students or teachers is at risk.

All school rules and all school policies apply while on school trips. In particular, parents and students should be aware that permission to travel on a school related activity is conditional on strict adherence to the Code of Behaviour. All students selected for sports teams and who travel as part of a class group represent Mount Temple Comprehensive School therefore the highest standards of behaviour and conduct are expected as a matter of course.

  1. Procedures

In general, written permission is required from a parent/guardian of a student before they may go on a trip. It is understood that students who play as part of a team representing Mount Temple have on-going parental permission to travel to all away matches. While every effort will be made to adhere to arranged times on trips, in particular the arrival time back at the school, the school cannot guarantee such times, for example where circumstances arise which are outside the control of staff involved.

  1. Supervision

The number of staff which accompanies a group will be influenced by a number of factors:

●The number of students travelling.

●The age of the students.

●The location of the trip.

●The additional supervision which may be provided at the trip destination.

●If the group will be divided into smaller groups each requiring supervision.

●The type of transport used.

Certain trips may facilitate shopping or recreation which may not be directly supervised. This situation will usually arise for senior students and will be indicated on the permission slip, itinerary or information letter sent to parents/guardians and stated during an information meeting for parents. Students on trips which involve an overnight stay in Ireland or abroad will not be supervised on a 24 hour basis and all extended school tours will involve periods of time without direct supervision. Parents who are concerned that such a level of supervision is inappropriate should not permit their son/daughter to take part in such trips.

  1. School Tours Abroad/Exchanges/Overnight Trips

In general, overnight trips/tours occur in addition to the normal academic and extra-curricular programmes of the school. Students who withdraw from a trip after a deposit, or full monies, has been paid, may not be entitled to a refund. Similarly, a student who is prevented from travelling for disciplinary or safety reasons will not be entitled to a refund. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians in conjunction with students to ensure that all documents necessary for travel abroad (e.g. passport, EHIC, visas) are up to date and in order. The school will not take responsibility for a student whose personal documentation is not in order and who is prevented from travelling abroad as a result.

Parents/guardians will receive a written overview/itinerary of overnight trips and will be required to give written consent to their son/daughter taking part on the trip. It will be the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that the organiser of a trip is aware of any special needs, medical or dietary issues. Students will be informed, prior to going on the trip that school rules apply and will be asked to sign accordingly with their parents/guardians. A student may be sent home, at their parents’ expense, if the conduct of the student warrants it.

  1. Health and Safety

Health and safety of students and supervisors is a priority when organizing and taking a school trip or tour. Teachers taking any trip will exercise due care, common sense and judgement when issues of health and safety arise.

Parents of students who have special needs, a medical condition, or who are on medication of any kind, should notify the teacher/s in charge of this and any medication being taken. In case of an accident, staff will normally apply basic first aid only. Expert medical attention will be sought should this be thought necessary.

On return from, or during, any trip staff may advise a parent/guardian to seek medical advice should they deem this appropriate. Where a serious accident occurs, staff will seek medical assistance as a first priority and contact the school to inform the office of events. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible by the school.

  1. Child Protection

Mount Temple’s policy on Child Protection applies to all tours, trips and outings. Whilst out of school, the following procedures should be adhered to in conjunction with the Child Protection Policy. Where trips involve a host family, every effort will be made to ensure families are vetted. If a student becomes ill during a school trip or tour or has any issue whatsoever, he/she should first inform his/her link teacher immediately. On school trips that involve overnight visits, students are usually allocated a link teacher and are told in advance of the trip which teacher they have been allocated and that they should report any issues of concern to that teacher as they arise. For the duration of the trip or tour, the lead teacher will take on the role of DLP (Designated Liaison Person) whilst out of the school and any issues must be reported instantly to him/her. He/she will liaise with the DLP, the school Principal. Parents/guardians will be informed of the name of the acting DLP before going on the trip.

  1. Documentation

Mount Temple recognises the importance and value of school tours and language exchanges. When the Principal approves the running of a school tour abroad, the following procedures should be followed with regard to documentation. The co-ordinating teacher should collect a photocopy of all passports and European Health Insurance cards for each student involved in the trip. These copies will be destroyed when the trip is over.

The attached documents (rules and consent form) should be signed by both student and parent/guardian. All of the above documents should be brought on the trip with the co-ordinating teacher and a second teacher should be nominated to possess a copy of each.

Ratified by the Board of Management: Date 21/11/19


Chairperson, Board of Management Date 21/11/19


Principal Date 21/11/19

Review: August 2021

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