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Boys' Hockey

In Mount Temple Boys Hockey is played at 4 age levels, 1st year, Minor, Junior and Senior. There are two teams, A and B at all levels except Senior. All the teams take part in the Leinster League. The Seniors take part in the Leinster Trophy while the others take part in the Leinster Cup. There are links to Clontarf Hockey club with past and present pupils also playing on Clontarf teams.

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Girls’ Hockey

Girls’ Hockey in Mount Temple has four levels of teams:
1st year, Minor (2nd year), Junior and Senior.

  • 1st years train twice per week (Mon & Fri)
  • Minor As train twice per week (Thurs & Fri). Minor Bs train once per week (Mon)
  • Junior As train twice per week (Tue & Fri). Junior Bs train once per week (Tue)
  • Seniors train once per week (Fri)

Games usually take place on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.
Matches that clash with class-times are kept at a minimum.
Teams are entered into Leinster Leagues and Cups and the Northside League.
1st Year leagues do not begin until after Christmas to facilitate player development.
In the meantime, 1st Years will play many ‘Super 8’ friendlies.
Players are encouraged to play with a local club team also, to further enhance development.

Latest News

A Motivational Poem for the Hockey Girls;
by Ella Irwin
We are the Mount Temple girls,
Challenge us to a game if you dare!
We aren’t like other hockey teams,
With pretty bows in our hair.
When you see us coming all you’ll do is stare.
We are not to be taken lightly,
If you’re shaking in your shoes, you should be rightly.
When it comes to the game,
This is no meet and greet.
We’ll push you, we’ll shove you,
And we’ll stand on your girly feet.
We’ll be ready for you,
Sweat drippong from our face.
Mouth open, gumshield showing,
We’ll run like it’s a race.
Run home and tell your mothers,
You’ll never guess what they chant.
Tell them we are no fairytale,
Nor a myth, nor a con.
We are the Mount Temple girls,
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