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Mount Temple Comprehensive  

Admission Policy

Mount Temple Comprehensive School operates under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin, and has, as a primary objective, the provision of state-funded second level education to the Protestant population of North Dublin.

The school is a recognised school under the Education Act 1998 and as such, is dependent on the resources, financial and human, provided by the Department of Education & Skills. Accordingly school policy must necessarily have regard to such resources and funding available to the school.

As a recognised school, the curriculum followed is that prescribed by the Education Act 1998 which may be amended from time to time.
In accordance with the 1998 Act, the Board of Management has regard to the principles of a democratic society and promotes respect for diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in society while it also upholds, and is accountable to the patron for upholding, the characteristic spirit of the school.

Mount Temple is a co-educational school and as such maintaining gender balance in the school population is a priority for the school.  The Board of Management annually sets a maximum enrolment figure for each year group and for the whole school and as far as is possible half of the places will be allocated to boys and half to girls. Intake criteria will be applied so as to ensure gender balance.


Criteria for Admission – Entry to First Year:

Fully completed pre-application forms for admission may be lodged with the school at any time prior to 1st June of the year before the year of entry.  For example, applications for entry in September 2013 must be lodged before 1st June 2012. The application is acknowledged by post and placed in the appropriate year file. First round offers are then made in September/ October of the year prior to year of entry.


Mount Temple’s catchment area is the Northside of Dublin. Places are only offered to applicants from the Northside i.e. students residing in the Northside of Dublin at the time of offer.

Places offered will be based on the following order of priorities:

(i)    students who are Protestants*

(ii)     siblings of present or past students, and children of former students, children of current


(iii)     students attending any of the designated feeder Primary schools***

(iv)     all other students


*The Board uses the extensive list of churches and denominations recognized by the Secondary Education Grants Committee, as agreed by the Church of Ireland, Methodist, Presbyterian and Quaker Churches in determining this category. The full list is available from the office.


** At least 4 years service


***The designated Primary schools currently are:

Burrow N.S.                              Lindsay Road N.S.

Drumcondra N.S.                          N.D.N.S.P.

Dublin 7 Educate Together                      North Bay Project School

Educate Together Glasnevin                      Old Borough N.S. Swords

Finglas Parochial N.S.                          Springdale N.S.

Glasnevin N.S.                          St. Andrews N. S.

Greenlanes N.S.                          St. Columbas North Strand

Howth Road N.S

Should the number of applicants in any one priority category, when added to the numbers in the previous category, exceed the total number of places available or maximum size as set down by the Board of Management, then the applications within this category will be processed firstly with reference to gender balance, and secondly in chronological order of receipt of pre-application forms.


The applications of students remaining on all ‘waiting files’ on 30th September of the school year for which entry was sought will be removed and deemed to have lapsed unless a particular request is received to place them in a waiting file for entry at the start of the following school year.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make such a request in writing. Thus, for example, applications for September 2013, remaining on file on 30th September 2013 will be removed and deemed to have lapsed unless a written request is received to transfer the application to waiting files for September 2014.


Waiting Files Entry to years other than First Year

Applications received seeking places for the start of a school year in a year group other than First Year are placed in a waiting file.  Entries are not generally entertained during the course of a school year.  Persons making such application for transfer during the course of a year for immediate entry will be given a decision on their application in due course.


Admissions to years other than First Year are considered using the same criteria as for those entering First Year, with the additional conditions that special circumstances requiring a change of school exist and space is available in the year group.


For entry other than to 1st year the Principal will interview, or deputise others to interview any applicant for a place in the school.  Reports and references from previous school(s) will be requested. It is the responsibility of applicant’s parents to provide all documentation considered by Mount Temple to be necessary to the application, including the relevant application form available from the school office

The applications of students remaining on all ‘waiting files’ on 30th September of the school year for which entry was sought will be removed and deemed to have lapsed unless a particular request is received to place them in a waiting file for entry at the start of the following school year.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make such a request in writing.
For students seeking entry in September to years other than First Year, placements will be allocated after due procedure as stated above.


Students With Disabilities Or Other Special Educational Needs:

The Board of Management is supportive of the principle of inclusiveness in particular regard to students with a disability or special educational need. Mount Temple is proud of its reputation in regard to integrated provision for children with disabilities and with special educational needs. It is, however, a Comprehensive, mainstream school. Where, during the application of the admission criteria, a place is offered to a child with disabilities or special educational needs, the school will use the resources, both financial and human, provided by the Oireachtas and/or Department of Education & Skills to make reasonable provision and accommodation for such students.

Refusal To Enrol

The Board of Management reserves the right to refuse to enrol, or accept the transfer of, a person who may, in the opinion of the Board pose an unacceptable threat to the safety and welfare of himself or herself or to other students, either because of prior behavioural difficulties or special needs which can not safely be provided by the school.

Appeals Process

Any refusal to admit a student to the school may be appealed by the parent to the Board of Management in the first instance, and thereafter may be appealed to the Secretary General of the Department of Education & Skills (see appendix 1)

Please note that misleading or incorrect information given in any aspect to the application will render the application null and void. Documentary proof may be requested by the Board.

Reviewed & Adapted

                            Mount Temple Board of Management

                            December 2011

Further Reviewed
September-December 2012
Confirmed September 2014

Mount Temple reserves the right to change this policy periodically.

Applicants should consult the website (www.mounttemple.ie) for latest version of this policy.

Appendix 1

Appeals Procedure

Section 29 of the Education Act 1998 gives parents (and students who have reached the age of 18) the right to appeal certain decisions made by a school Board of Management, or a person acting on behalf of the board, to the Secretary General of the Department of Education & Skills.


A refusal to enroll may be appealed.

Appeals must generally be made within 42 calendar days from the date the decision of the school was notified to the parent or student.  Accordingly, parents are advised of this right of appeal and associated timeframe when informing them of any of the above categories or decisions.

In brief these procedures can involve:


  • In the first instance an Appeal in writing to the Board of Management.
  • An Appeal to the Department of Education under Section 29 of the Education Act,


  • A facilitator may be appointed to attempt to achieve a resolution.
  • A formal hearing is convened of an appeal committee appointed by the Department of Education & Skills.
  • An appeal form is available from the Department of Education or the National Education & Welfare Board.

Malahide Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Ireland. Email: info@mounttemple.ie | Telephone: +353-1-833-6984