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Team Sport quote #4
Don’t Forget it’s not too late to join.
Contact the relevant staff members below for further details:

Boys Hockey Mr Borland or Mr Conway
Girls Hockey   Mr Abbott
Girls Basketball   Coach Praha
Boys Rugby   Ms Tyrrell
Badminton   Ms Ryan

Boys Soccer                        Mr Clarke
Girls Soccer                        Ms Meenagh   or   Lolly Toner
Rugby match Fixture list is now available.
Girls & Boys Hockey and Basketball will be arranged at later date.
Reminder: Essential all sports clothing and equipment must be named.
No valuables to be left in changing rooms.
Specific Hockey Requirements, as soon as possible you must have:
1. Hockey Stick
2. Gum shield (essential)
3. Shin guards
4. Boys, MT hockey shorts. Girls, MT black skort
5. MT Socks
6. Astro-Turf Runners
7. School polo shirt (Blue PE shirt).
Note: it is strongly encouraged that your child takes part in at least One School Sport.
It is also possible to play Boys Hockey& Rugby, Girls Hockey & Basketball.
Possible clashes with fixtures will be sorted out with coaches.
As always Parent/Guardian support is both welcomed & much appreciated.
G. Borland Head of PE Department

Please see First Year Games Timetable below;

     First Year Games  Time Table 14-15  (Extra Curricular)    
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Girls Hockey 3.15 – 4.15   Matches as arranged   3.15 – 4.15 Matches as
Boys Hockey   4 – 5.15 Matches as arranged   3.15 – 4.15  
Boys Rugby 3.15 – 4.15   Matches as arranged 4 – 5.15   Matches as
Girls Basketball     1.15 – 3      
Badminton         4 – 5.15  

And the whole school extra-curricular games timetable;

       Games Timetable 14-15  (Extra Curricular)    
  Monday Tuesday   Thursday Friday
Hockey – Mugga                      1st Year Girls (3.15-4.15) Jun A Girls (4-5.15)   Jun B Boys (4-5.15) 1st Year Girls (3.15-4.15)
Astro 1 Sen Boys (4-5.30) 2nd Year Boys A & B (4-5.15)   Jun A Boys (4-5.15) Sen A Girls (4-5.30)
Astro 2 2nd Yr B Girls (4-5.15) Jun B Girls (4-5.15)   2nd Y A Girls (4-5.15) 1st year Boys (3.15-4.15)
Astro 3   1st year Boys (4-5.15)     2nd Y A and Jun A Girls (4-5.15)
          2nd Year A Boys (4-5.15)
Girls Basketball Cadets (4-5.30) 2nd Year Girls (4-5.30) 1st Year Girls (1.15-3) Cadets (4-5.30)  
  Seniors (4-5.30)     Seniors (4-5.30)  
Badminton         All players (4-5.15)
Boys Rugby 1st Year (3.20-4.30)     1st Year (4-5.15)  
  2nd Year (4-5.15)     2nd Year (4-5.15)  
  JCT (4-5.15)     JCT (4-5.15)  
  SCT (4-5.15)     SCT (4-5.15)  
Football   Girls Football (4-5.15) Boys Football (1.30-3)    


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